Hi! I’m Michael.

I’m a software engineer

I love writing software, with a focus on building infrastructure for products.

At Segment, I worked on the infrastructure behind Sources and Warehouses, which involved writing a lot of distributed systems in Go and using various AWS services at scale.

At CodeCombat, I wrote Javascript on the frontend and backend. I also helped write an iPad app and do server administration.

At Facebook I explored optimizations for TAO, Facebook’s distributed social graph data store. I worked primarily in C++. This internship involved learning a lot about Linux networking internals.

At the University of Michigan I helped people learn operating systems.

I’m interested in CS education

When helping to teach operating systems, I discovered that I really like teaching people about computers. I informally tutor a few people, wrote a small interview guide some people like, and hope to help people learn things from this blog.

I live in the Bay Area

If you like my blog and happen to be in the Bay Area, we should meet up!